InfoPoint WiFi


InfoPoint WiFi is a smart information dissemination technology conceived by MaxInfo Sardegna.
Through InfoPoint WiFi you can distribute free of charge personalised contents easily accessible from a smartphone, tablet or PC in Wi-Fi mode,
without internet connection, without personal data registration and without any need to download applications.
Texts, annexes, images, videos, maps, audio files: with InfoPoint WiFi, information can be ubiquitous.

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  • Inexpensive

    Low implementation and running costs

  • Available

    Contents are freely available in Wi-Fi mode

  • Green

    Saves on paper use


  • Friendly

    It can be used by any type of smartphone or tablet, without authentication or download
  • Free

    Completely free of charge for users consulting it
  • Stats-analysis

    By monitoring accesses and navigation, we can obtain useful data for optimising communication actions





  • Comune di Muravera

    Municipality of Muravera

    Innovation and hospitality. Using this message, the largest town in the sun-kissed Sarrabus district on the stunning eastern coast of Sardinia presented the roll-out of the InfoPoint WiFi service in town and at the beach resort of Costa Rei. A tourist info point designed for tourists and holidaymakers which shines a spotlight on local specialties, crafts and retailers.

  • Cagliari Tur'

    Cagliari Tur'

    Created to provide tourist information on the city of Cagliari, it gives suggestions on tourist itineraries, beaches, monuments, shows and events, as well as news, constantly updated by our writing and editorial team.

  • Tirrenia


    InfoPoint WiFi lands on the mainland with ferry company Tirrenia. News, tourist contents and technical info all delivered to Tirrenia’s thousands of passengers. A novel experience, ushering in a whole new era in the ferry company’s communication with its customers.

  • Comune di Quartu Sant'Elena

    Comune di Quartu Sant'Elena


  • Xmas Edition

    Xmas Edition


  • Big&Small



  • Mondo Ichnusa

    Mondo Ichnusa


  • Festival di Scirarindi



  • Smau 2012

    Smau 2012


  • Pula


    Realizzato in collaborazione con il Comune di Pula per offrire informazioni turistiche, eventi, numeri utili e offerte commerciali del territorio. Si trova nella piazza principale di Pula.

  • Saremar


    Realizzato per fornire informazioni turistiche sulla Sardegna ai passeggeri della Compagnia sarda di navigazione Saremar. Ha "viaggiato" per tutta l'estate 2012 sulle navi Scintu, Dimonios e Coraggio nelle tratte Olbia - Civitavecchia e Porto Torres - Vado Ligure.


  • Confcommercio
  • Confesercenti
  • Saremar
  • Sogaer

  • Provincia di Carbonia Iglesias
  • Comune di Pula
  • Comune di Sestu
  • Fiera di Cagliari

  • European Jazz Expo
  • Mondo Ichnusa
  • Il Papa in Sardegna
  • Visit Muravera


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